Summer Project – Letter To Self

by alexmasonphotography




After being stuck in limbo, having zero direction of what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go. You managed to get back onto your feet, out of your own initiative and get onto a course in Photography which has changed your life. Not only did you make that decision but you also made the decision to work extra hard and try and get into university before the fees went up. It shows the determination and drive that others didn’t think you had in you and more importantly that you didn’t believe you had in you.


After your first year of studying Photography at Coventry University you have progressed in various different ways. You now have a greater understanding of some of the more technical parts of photography and you now have a greater understanding of lighting and the studio. You have passed your first year at Coventry comfortably.

It is interesting to start see which areas you are stronger in and start getting an idea of which specific genre of photography you might be better at.  You have learnt from listening to other people’s constructive criticism which has added to your progression. You have produced some great pieces of work in the studio and in the darkroom.

You have also taken some freelance work wherever possible to get a better understanding of what you have learnt on the course and applied new techniques within that work. This has enabled you to put to practice what you have learned on the course and give you a taste of what a career in photography can do for you.