Brand New Topographics

by alexmasonphotography

I wanted to get some close up portraiture with some interesting expressions around the city. See [1]I decided to use Gary Winnogrand’s style of street photography to influence my first image. I decided to pose this man I found at the bus stop. I found him interesting to look at and his eyes told me a story of sadness. He definitely wasn’t sane and it got my mind going about what his story is. He was making jokes and then gave me a look of sincerity, which is when I decided to take this photo. See [2] Here is a picture of a typical working man. I took this because it expresses the humanity in our society, which relates to some of the work of Robert Daisneeau and his photos of day-to-day life I also decided to use strong contrast on the image to create a similar effect to Daisneau’s work. I wanted to transform the stereotypical laddish behavior and image we associate with builders and have just a simple photo without the comments and wolf whistling.  See [3] This portrait is very natural and I like the slightly out of context location for the gentle old man to be in, wearing his ‘old man’ style clothes and the modern style building this was shot in. I decided to put this portrait in black and white and tone it sepia because I love the look that it has in some of Diane Arbus’s work and I feel that it gives off a warm feeling about the man and his personality.

Duane Michals photography caught my eye due to the quirkiness and abstract style. I took the abstract idea and applied it to one of the locations in Coventry. I focused my work on reflection and decided to build up a theme. We see reflections every day and it seems so natural to us but to me it is one of the many miracles of this world. See [4] I chose to take this picture because it gives you an idea of what is going on near the cathedral. It is informative and I like the idea that it was taken of a medieval pub, which was built long ago, and it shows me that there is new work taking place alongside this ancient building. See [5] I realized I kept on noticing reflections more and more and became so much more aware of them. This photo has so much going on it. It has the haunting film noir esc feeling that I have discovered is familiar with Michal’s work. It is somewhat overpowering in the sense that there is so much to take in. See [6] This image is also slightly overwhelming in the sense that there is also a lot going on. The objects in this photo look as if they are morphed together. Again I have gone for the ghostly film noir style shot. I also discovered the comical point, that it looks like there is a squirty bottle of champagne because of the hairdresser and restaurant table being meshed into one.

I have used Edward Weston as an inspiration. I believe he has a phenomenal use of shadows and light in his landscapes work. I wanted to express this within my city work. See [7] I took this photo of a narrow alley with a with a fast shutter speed to create this contrasting effect between the sky and the walls. It looks almost as if you are in a jacket peeping out or looking out of some curtains concerned about what might be on the outside.