Greater Than The Whole

by alexmasonphotography

On Tuesday I got introduced to the latest task. I am required to use two use photographic equipment that I have never used before and got introduced to me on Tuesday. The equipment is Mamiya RB 67 and Mamiya 7 which is a rangefinder camera and a light meter.

I decided to shoot two black and white films, one on each of the cameras. I chose to take my first set of photos with the Mamiya RB 67 of the autumn leaves near the Ellen Terry building. I am hoping that the I have used the correct aperture, ISO and shutter speed in order to create the desired exposure for all of my shots. I found it difficult to focus and it took a while to get used to, especially whilst having to take so much into consideration in terms of composition and technicalities and being blown around in the extreme winds!!

For the second film I decided to take the photos of my shadow and the shadow of a tree. I feel excited to see how the negatives come out and how they look once I have scanned them onto my computer. I will be putting the details of the photos once I have uploaded them to my blog.