+ Positive Negatives

by alexmasonphotography

We had a brief talk by Paul Smith on how to not do a presentation and how to do a presentation, in preperation for our 10 minute presentation in November. In the afternoon we had to go to the library and find two photography books and findd one photo we like in one book and one photo we don’t like in another book. We will be talking about these next time we have a lesson.

I then went with my two films and we were taught how to seperate the film from the paper in the dark and how to prepare them for proccesor.

As my films were being fed out of the processor Jonathan said “ah brilliant, who’s are these? They are perfect, you’ve nailed the light meter” I was really pleased with this comment and it gave me a boost of confidence. It felt like it was a good note to finish the week on. He also commented on the contrast of my photos and related one of my shots to an american photographer called Minor White. I have been inspired by Minor Whites work after having a looked at it on the internet and I am pleased to have learned that once I have made some prints from the negative that I have  the chance of making a Minor White style photo because I really appreciate his work. A positive end to the week!

Above is a photo of my negatives I took on my digital SLR.