A Start to Presentation Research

by alexmasonphotography

For my presentation I have to research four photographers work, the photographers are;

  • Lewis Hine
  • August Sander
  • Sebastio Selgado
  • Marcus Bleasdale

I have to research these photographers in context to politics, which I know will be a challenge for me. I had only heard of August Sander and Sebastio Selgado before I was given the list.

The first thing I did in order to start my research was to google each of the photographers names and have a sweep through their images to get an idea of what style of photography they can be associated with. The first thing I noticed that each of the photographers have in common in their work is that most of their shots include people who one would consider to be less fortunate than the majority of people in society. Another thing I noticed is that all of their work is in black and white or sepia tone.
This is a small nugget of information I have gathered about each of the photographers after having looked through a few of their photos.

Lewis Hine- Child labor

August Sander- German people of all classes

Sebastião Salgado – Social documentary photography of workers in less developed nations

Marcus Bleasdale – Child soldiers and conflict zones

I went to the library about earlier today and got about 6 books on the photographers so I can get a more in depth look at some of the work they have been doing.