Homage to a Precious Object

by alexmasonphotography

Yesterday I was given a another task which was to take photos of an object that is precious to me. I was advised to make it as personal to me as possible. I couldn’t quite get my head round what I wanted to take my photos of. People in the group asked how many photos to take and asked if they could shoot in digital but we were advised to shoot on film just because it gives us more choice for our final sets of images. I also thought that the more experience you have with film and getting used to using it and processing it, the better.

The precious object I am planning to photograph is a model of a ‘Tuk Tuk’. I bought it in Thailand on my travels. It means lots to me because it bring back good memories of the four months that changed my life. I discovered my passion for photography there and have made friends I am still in contact with now. I need to find a way to make this object look special by use of composition. I think what I need to consider is not what I need to put into the frame but what I want to take out of it.

We had a chat in the morning entitled ‘What is a Photo?’ Jonathan asked us to consider this when composing the photos for this task. Jonathan asked us to read a book called ‘The Medium is the Massage’ by Marshall McLuhan as it will help us in our personal professional development throughout the next three years. The basic idea I got out of the talk was that media is environmental as in Marshall McLuhan’s words “the message of any media is the environmental wrapping” We looked at photographs of some relevant photographers such as Garry Winnogrand, Sally Mann, Andrea Guersky and Lee Freelander. The photos I found particularly interesting were the photos taken by Lee Freelander.

We talked about how Freelander can flatten an image and completely take the depth out of an image by his use of composition and technical skills.  The decisive moment in this photo was to get the sign in the centre of the frame at the same time as the cloud went over the top. It takes the seriousness out of the photo with the fact that it looks like in ice cream in an ice cream cone.