Greater Than The Whole

by alexmasonphotography

Here are the photos I have produced on the Mamiya RB67 and the Maymiya 7. The photos entitled ‘Autumn’ were taken on the Mamiya RB67. The photos entitled Abstract shadows were taken on the Mamiya 7.

On the Mamiya RB67 I decided to take one of the photos of a pile of leaves directly into the light because I thought it would be a challenge and wasn’t entirely sure how it would come out. I am pleased with the outcome because you can see a variety of different tones. The photo of the leaves piled up alongside my shoe is captures such a natural aspect of life that could happen to anyone on a windy day and the leaves just piled up on my shoe as I was taking a break and I decided to take it. The remainder of photos were all taken spontaneously but I spent a while composing them and focusing. It was hard work trying hold the bulky camera, focus and take the light meter readings. It made it even more tricky having the sun not deciding what it wanted to do because obviously that had an impact on my focusing and my aperture and ISO.

The idea I grasped from the task was that we had to take 10 photos that were to big to fit into one frame. The photos of the trees and shadows are all bigger than the frame. you could argue that absolutely anything is to big to fit into the frame because there is always something bigger than whatever you are using as the subject of the photo. I varied the position I was in around the tree which represents a range of different stages of my life.

The series of shadows I took photos with the tree and myself, I chose to do because after doing the ‘Brand new Topographics’ task and looking at some of the work of Andre Kertzt work it inspired me to carry on with the idea of using shadows and not taking the obvious photo. I decided to enhance the photos of the shadows and trees on Photoshop to make it look as if the grass surrounding the shadows of the trees looks like it could be the leaves of a tree. If you look at just the shadow for a while, you will start to believe that there grass is the leaves of the tree and the shadows of the tree are the actual branches.

The photo of me in the tree with my leg hanging down portrays the inner child in me and reminds me of when I was younger and would climb trees and always climb to high and have to get help to get down. The photo of me standing directly in front of the tree with my elbows sticking out depicts the age when I was a teenager and would like to hide my feelings and would feel stuck in life and wouldn’t know what to do in any area of life. I decided to take the photo of me to the left of the tree because I like found the shape of my body interesting whilst composing and thinking of ideas.

The two photos at the beginning of the set were done in the darkroom. I find the darkroom a challenging experience and just when I think I have nailed a piece of work, it always seems to be slightly wrong. It does however, make me question, what would I do without digital and Photoshop? As you can see with the two prints I did in the darkroom, they are very overexposed in some places. The photo of the leaf on the grate needed to be given more light in the darkroom and the photo of the cup in the leaves also needed more light in the darkroom. I exposed the whole of the paper for eight seconds for the cup photo, then I exposed the overexposed area for an extra nine seconds and it just wasn’t enough. I have learn’t not to rush into doing a final print. I should have done more tests on the different areas. I was too impatient and wanted instant gratification which just doesn’t work with this kind of editing. I think the overexposed areas probably needed triple the time I exposed the paper for.

Thanks for showing an interest,