Homage to a Precious Object

by alexmasonphotography

These photos are of a model of a Tuk Tuk. A Tuk Tuk is a three wheeled motorised vehicle that lots of Asian counties use to take tourists around on. It is pretty much a taxi. I took my photos of my model of a Tuk Tuk. It is precious to me because it brings back good memories of the four months I went travelling around South East Asia for. I made some great friends of whom I am still in contact with now. The trip not only changed my life in the experiences I had but also changed my life in the fact that it was where I discovered I wanted to be a photographer and take photos for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t be here right now writing this blog if it wasn’t for my decision to go travelling and get away from the wrong crowds and the wrong people.

To me the Tuk Tuk symbolises happiness, change and strength. These being feelings and qualities that I have gained in myself over the past year and a half.

I decided used the Mamiya RB 67 to shoot my film and had the camera on a tripod so I could compose and change ideas easily without having to put the camera down. I used my bedside light to create an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere I would have if I was lying in bed or about to go to sleep which is when I would be most likely to look at my model Tuk Tuk. I wanted to try and get the ambient light effect. It was difficult to get it so that it looked natural even though it is natural for my room to be lit like that when I am in bed.

I used ISO 400 and f2.8. The light was very low but I think it gives a better insight to the reality of what the lighting is actually like in my room. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect the photos to come out this dark but i am pleased with the look of them none the less.