Just Another Thought

by alexmasonphotography

Having been bought up in the digital era I realised that the task we have been given for assignment 1 of ‘encountering culture’ is becoming more obvious and clear to me what I might photograph when it comes to using film. I have been encountering culture and documenting my social environment ever since I have had a mobile phone with a camera on it. I was looking back through my photos on my mobile phone the other day because I realised I had just taken my 1000th photo. I have documented my social life and some of my intimate life within this set of photographs.

I want to share some of them with you here. There is a story behind every single one of these photos. They are all taken for a reason. They are photos of things and times when you wish you had a camera. I won’t give an explanation for every single one of them but if you wish to find out any of the stories then feel free to comment on a photo and I will explain.  I look at this set of images like as if it was an inconstant diary. There are memories of happiness, sadness, friendships that have faded and some memories of darker times which reminds me of a good friend of mine who has been in recovery for a very long time for certain addictions. He once said “Tonight a new friend of mine was supposed to call. As I sat and read tonight in silence something dawned on me. It takes time to make old friends and although people may come into our life, even people we may like most won’t stay around. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to make new friends it just tells me that it’s ok if we meet someone and they are much like a fragrance, pleasant for a short while’ then just a memory ” Rich Whitman. I think everybody can relate to this feeling of being stabbed in the back or just simply let down by somebody you thought you knew.

Things that could appear to a viewer to be funny and seen as entertainment may not be what they seem. I have been listening to ‘Keep Your Head Up’ which is a Ben Howard song, whilst writing this . I felt it necessary because I can relate to what I interpret from the lyrics and it reminds me of how I have messed up in life and have got lost, mixing with the wrong groups of people. It gives me feelings of hope and happiness that we all search for.