by alexmasonphotography

American Power

“Mitch Epstein’s current work examines how energy is produced and used in the American landscape. Made on forays to energy production sites and their environs, these pictures question the power of nature, government, corporations, and mass consumption in the United States.”

Looking at the work in this exhibition at the Tate it was easy to get an idea at first glance at what the photographers were trying to communicate. The photographer that stood out to me the most was a man called Mitch Epstein. He has done a series of photos of landscapes which have

This seemed to be the most obvious image which stood out to me. We can see the serene image of a typical looking garden and then in the distance the huge power station overwhelming the image. The composition of the photo is aesthetically pleasing in the sense that it has a lot of depth to it and a range of appealing tones and colours.

This photo calls out to me a way and when I question myself at what this photo is about I get thought about the consumerism of motorcycles and how land can be transformed into a completely different place that would have never been around before a certain product was created.

I like how the items on the tree have most likely been factory made things and it looks as if it is slowly suffocating the tree. In the back ground there is a car rolled over onto it’s back which suggests that this harm to nature has been caused my a long chain of occurrences, from ideas to factories to products to people and so on and so forth.

The motion of the blades in this photo and the windturbines going into the distance as far as we can see remind me of this never ending need to find new ways of creating power. I love the composition of this photo and what the photographer has considered with his pre visualisation. The amount of grass to show and how much space is left on each side has been considered with great thought.

To me, the huge american flag denotes the patriotic nation of the US and how they are proud of their achievements of manufacturing so much power in so many shapes and forms. I like how it is taken as if somebody was passing by on the street and this is what they see. When I first saw this I thought ‘oh look at that massive power station, it looks amazing’, but to lots of people, like this passer by on the street, it is an every day occurrence for them to view such a gigantic piece of engineering. I can’t imagine us in the UK having the British flag on our factory’s.

All Photos  © Mitch Epstein