Still.In the Bath

by alexmasonphotography

Although I had my final 10 prints, I decided to hire out the equipment again which was the RB67, cable release, tripod and a light meter. I wanted to still shoot on 400 ISO film and instead of just entering a personal moment I wanted to invade personal space. I chose one of the models from the previous 10 that I photographed. I ran the bath for her and just told her to relax. It was 17:00 when I took the photos and the model had gone to bed at 4:00 in the morning therefore she hadn’t seen natural light for that amount of time. She was still fairly sleepy when I was taking the photos. She seemed very natural in front of the camera and I walked in and out of the bathroom a few times and took my time, offered her a drink whilst she was in the bath to just get her at ease as much as possible and make her feel comfortable, as I wanted to get up really close and personal. Quote Jonathan Worth after speaking to him about his experiences with Steve Pyke “When working with Steve Pyke, he would take photos photos of a conversation and would say he wanted to get as close to subject as the last person that would have kissed them”. I chose to use this method within my work, in the sense of getting up close and personal.

Here are the untouched negatives I produced earlier –