Proposal for Assignment 2

by alexmasonphotography

I am sure there is something interesting about every topic title we have been given but I chose three that stood out for me and mind mapped them. For my presentation I have decided to choose the topic ‘Rural life’ I found that it stood out to me personally because living in the rural countryside is where I have a lot of fond memories whether it be cycling with friends or simply just being surrounded by lots of space to run around in.

I thought to myself ‘what is rural life?’ I thought of things like country pubs and cricket greens, wooded areas, mud and grass, people walking their dogs. Then I came to think of things I had done as a child and I remembered this old steam fair which was basically fair ground rides which where all powered by steam. Gypsy people ran the fair and I was always interested to know who they are and why they chose to live in campervans and not do what most other people do and live in a house. The subject of gypsies wasn’t one that I would think about the whole time but I now have an excuse to research gypsies into more depth and I want to understand their ways of living, their views on how we live and to understand their morals. Gypsies have a bad reputation for things such as looting, setting things on fire and living in places that the council and other members of the public don’t appreciate but I would like to delve into this in more detail and find out where it all started and why they choose to live like this or if they have a choice. I am interested to find out what is acceptable in their society and look into the controversy that the gypsies face with the council.