by alexmasonphotography

We were given the task of arranging somebody else’s photos on photoshop from the ‘photo a day’ challenge over the Christmas break. I was given Tania Merriman‘s work. Whilst looking through the photos and trying to work out what I could do, I immediately thought of using eyes and putting them in the sky to create a surrealistic image. It wasn’t until Paul Smith asked me if i was familiar with René Magritte‘s work until I realised that that must have been where I got the idea for the eyes in the sky from. It must have been one of those subliminal memories that I had forgotten about. I decided to take a pair of eyes from one of Tania’s friends and put them in this naturally made space of light in the clouds. Another aspect of surrealism René Magritte uses in her work is to copy objects and make them different sizes, I then decided to copy a Christmas decoration that was in another photo of Tania’s and created the mouth of the surreal looking creature coming out of the light.


This is what I came up with.


Below are the photos I used.