Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

by alexmasonphotography

The first thing I noticed as I walked into the exhibition was a portrait of a well known footballer ‘Peter Crouch’ looking relieved and tired.. I noticed that frames were all different shapes and sizes and sometimes the text along side the photo didn’t really justify the photo very well in some circumstances.

There was no set theme within the exhibition, however, there were many different kinds of people. It seemed almost like it was trying to be politically correct by including people with celebrity status to people of different races and disformaties and sex.

The certain photos stood out for me more than others can be viewed below


© Lidia Kowalewicz

The irony of this photo stood out to me and gave me an insight to the impact that American parents have on their children and the pressure there is to look good. Is this good for the children or simply damaging?

© Mark Johnson

This man has had over 120 operations for burns. It is photographed well in the sense that it is focussed on the eyes and the area around the eyes and blurred around the rest of the face and body which puts emphasis on the fact that all this man is striving for is to look normal again. It seems as if there is a faint smile. He is trying to kid himself that he is normal.

© Claudia Burlotti

I felt happy to see this photo of an old couple that doesn’t seem to touch on death or a depressed old person that would typically have been photographed. I like the idea of them being happy and in love. I get the impression that whoever took this photo must have been at a fairly close level with the couple.