A Trip to France

by alexmasonphotography

To discover Normandy we were given the theme, ‘history and memory’. Our first destination was a castle in the middle of an island in the middle of the sea called Mont St Michel. We had to make sure we had left it by the tide came in. The concept of history and memory that I decided to bear in mind whilst image making, was the architectural side of things. I started to photograph how people have changed and are changing history, scaffolding on the old castle and objects such as a hammer to represent the evidence of somebodies presence.  


Today I were given a task make some kind of photo montage style piece of work with the images that I had been making. This is isn’t how I would like to preset my work but is just an idea an an attempt at various ideas using photoshop.


Some ideas for a montage.



Some of the photos used for the montage.