Gypsies – Ideas and Planning

by alexmasonphotography

After having some feedback on my gypsy project and talking to Matt Johnston it has given me lots of ideas. Ideas include giving the gypsies some disposable cameras for a week so I can get a view of what life as a gypsy is actually like. This will be the easiest way to get a view of some of the things they get up to and hopefully gain more of an understanding at what it is like to live how they do.

I decided to take a look at an aerial view using google maps. As you can see to the left of the gypsy site there is a row of houses. I am planning on speaking to the residents in the area to ask if they have any problems with the gypsies or if they have any kind of communication with them. I am aware how bigger community of gypsies there is in the UK but I want to start to find out if these gypsies really are as bad as the media have been portraying them. The circular set of trees encompassing the gypsy site are fairly well grown, this gives me the impression that this site has been here for a long time and probably had generations of the same family living there.

I have decided to focus my work on the audience member Jennifer – A 60 year old fine art collector from New York. She visits galleries regularly and has a large collection of prints and rare books. I am creating this photo film for an exhibition fairly close to New York where Jennifer is situated. If I was creating this for digital natives I would simply put it online and they could view it there. However for Jennifer who is a digital immigrant I need to consider a way to make this appeal to her. Baring in mind that Jennifer is a fine arts collecter and likes going to exhibitions I need to come up with a physical artifact which will be the screen that I play it on. The photo film will be put on a loop for the viewer to spend as little or as much time viewing it as they choose. I like the idea of the viewer having an option of how many times they get to view something and for Jennifer in particular, the fact that she likes going to exhibitions also suggests to me that she probably likes to look at the photo for as long as she wants therefore a loop could appeal to her.  I am looking for exhibitions in America which would be accepting to this idea of a photo film. The kind of exhibitions I see my work being in are documentary, quirky style, tribes or country  I am playing with the idea of recording some ambient sounds of the area, possibly the sound of cars going past and birds tweeting in the background and possibly the sounds of gypsy children playing.