Afternoon With the Gypsies

by alexmasonphotography

So I went back this afternoon. It feels as if they are slowly starting to trust me more. They ended up showing me caravans and telling me to take certain photos which I did out of politness instead of saying ‘nah that won’t be a good photo’. They also showed me their Cockerels that they use to fight and their greyound that they use to catch Hares. They made me a cup of tea and started to allow me to take some photos. I am visiting thoughout this week as much as possible, without taking the piss too much.

 The camera thing they kind of shrugged off and said “nah not for me thanks”. I tried persuading them subtley but I suppose if anything this kind of gives me more of an impression about what they are like as people. It is tricky to describe what they are like, they are very direct and it is like I am in some different country when I am there. I don’t want to push it on them. Most of the woman are ill at the moment too which isn’t great but like you say I am going to make the best of what I have got. The lady who made me tea
Interesting fact of the day from the lady who made me tea “The kids get bullied at school about My big Fat Gypsy Wedding”