The Gypsies

by alexmasonphotography

So this morning I went back to the gypsy place and it turns out that Casey (the woman I was supposed to be photographing) wasn’t there because she had to take her daughter to the hosiptal. I then walked around and spoke to a few of the men and explained what I was doing and they basically said that they didn’t want any photos of them. One man said that if I come back at 13:00 I can photograph his caravans. One of the men mentioned ‘My Big Fat Gysy Wedding’ he said “Yeah that My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding thing was a load of rubbish and they’re all irish anyway” I replied “Yes it was an unfair reflection of gypsies lives”  He kept on talking about it and saying how he doesn’t care and how it doesn’t bother him.
The men asked me questions such as “Who are you?”, “What are the photos for?” “Why do you want to take these photos?”
After digging around a bit to try and persuade them (in a round about way without getting too pushy) I decided to leave. On my journey home I was thinking to myself, maybe the fact that they don’t want photos taken of them and will let me take photos of their property is a reflection on how they have been damaged by the media and probably getting less and less trusting. Maybe photographing the evidence will put emphasis on this and if I do manage to photograph any people than that would depict the personality of that specific person or family in terms of their trust in outsiders.
I also spoke to somebody else and she couldn’t come outside because her children were ill etc. Couldn’t have gone much worse really.
I just have to hope that my other connection works out better in terms of photographs