Gypsies – The Artifact

by alexmasonphotography

My target audience is Jennifer – A 60 year old fine art collector from New York. She visits galleries regularly and has a large collection of prints and rare books.

I suppose my message is to portray gypsies in a more positive way than they have been in the media, without trying to look at the negative things that I had heard about and spoke about in my presentation such as leaving places in a mess, fighting and avoiding tax. Instead I have photographed them as if I was doing portraits of people who were my friends. I managed to get onto their level by just being friendly and showing an interest in whatever they wanted to show me which is why you will see photos in my photo film of details that could look randomly placed. I turned up in the mornings and would get invited in for a cup of tea and do a lot of talking before I would do any photographing.

I decided to approach my subject in this way because I wanted to do something different to challenge myself and experience it first hand and not through the eyes of the BBC or other people who could have twisted and changed things to represent a certain somebody in a certain way. The two artefacts I focused on were a photo film and a photo book. In the end I decided to choose a photo film because it is an unfinished body of work. I also thought that Jennifer may not be familiar with english gypsies so it could be something new for her to enjoy and a fresh idea for her. It would be displayed on a screen in a gallery in America, preferably New York.

Here are two different examples of photos that will feature in my film.


I haven’t come to some great conclusion within my work and I wasn’t expecting to, because this project was always going to be more than just a university assignment. I don’t know when it is going to end this body of work and at the moment I wouldn’t want it to.