A Change of Presentation and Audience Member

by alexmasonphotography

I have decided to change my plan of presenting my work from a photo film to an exhibition. It turns out, I didn’t really have enough photos for an effective photo film. Whilst considering presenting my exhibition on the magnetic wall I am also changing my audience member to Pete.


Pete is a retired butcher from Dublin. He is time rich but cash poor, he has no internet
connection in his home.

Whilst I have changed my artefact in which I am presenting my work I am still focussing on the fact that my work is an unfinished body of work so I have sized up some of the prints at smaller sizes and larger sizes to create a sequence of significants. The fact that my prints are going to be different shapes and sizes and not in any particular linear form adds to my wish for it to be viewed as not quite finished. I am going to put a few quotes in where they could fit nicely.

I decided to change to Pete from Dublin and I am assuming that he has an interest in art somewhere along the line. I figured that a lot of my subject importants is to do with the way the media has represented gypsies in a poor way which Jennifer wouldn’t necessarily be able to relate to in as closer way as perhaps, Pete might.  I think Pete could have an interesting insight to gypsies. He is retired, which suggests to me that he is old enough to remember gypsies how the used to be. He might remember the irish travellers coming from back when he was young and is probably aware of the reputation the media has given them these days.

The fact that Pete has no internet a lot of time could suggest that he is in touch with the physical artefact. It could be refreshing for him to see an exhibition of English travellers and see if he noticies that there is anything different in my photographic work in comparaison to the irish travellers general look and what he knows about them as a culture. It would be a free exhibition so the cost wouldn’t be an issue for Pete. I would try and get the exhibition to a gallery in Dublin so the travelling isn’t a problem in terms of finance and will send a letter to his door, inviting him to come and see it. I get the impression that Pete, being a digital immigrant is the kind of person that likes receiving letters, the physical message. The fact that he doesn’t have access to internet suggests that he doesn’t really believe in the whole idea of email and is fairly old fashioned in this sense. I know a lot of retired and old people who use the internet and email and they would also be the kind of people who would still much prefer to use the physical artefact of a letter to communicate (my grandparents for instance), they would much prefer to get a hand written letter than an email. I think the fact that everyone including them, are so aware of the internet and how easy it is to send an email that they appreciate that letter to thank them for a Christmas present or having my brother and I over for lunch that little bit more. When Pete receives this personal letter I could see it being one of those things that he would make sure he spares some of his large amounts of time for.

I am going to frame one of the larger photos in a wooden frame preferably something similar to the photo below. I am only framing one because of the expense and to show my audience that this is how I would like all of them to be framed.


I have found this exhibition in Dublin called ‘The Festival of European Cultures‘. It is a large annual folk art and crafts fair, dating back to the beginning of the 17th century. I imagine that it is the kind of thing that Pete would be willing to fork €6 for. It is convenient as it is in Dublin. I could see it being the kind of place that my little exhibition would look good at. My photos are of a culture that can be familiarised throughout other countries in Europe.