A Comparison

by alexmasonphotography

One of the photographers I looked at for my research for Assignment 2 was Iain McKell. I was really interested in his work of the horse drawn/ traveller people. I loved the traditional, romantic look of some of the images but I didn’t like the fact that lots of the portraits were staged and were more or less like a fashion shoot. Personally I felt that it took away some of the joy of looking at the images away and could also give the viewer without the text that I read in the book a false understanding of what the photos are about.




Within my own work I wanted to challenge myself by approaching a society in which I am a stranger to and to try and understand for myself what the deal is with gypsies and wether they are ll that bad. With the start I have made to my body of work for this Assignment I have decided to simply photograph what I see and how I see it. Whilst I am still paying special attention to creating good quality images and I am also trying to portray the level of how close I got to some of the gypsies. Some of the photos in my work will be just of a mans caravans which to me reminds me of how the man didn’t want his photo taken and after about the fifth time of asking him he said “Feel free to photograph my caravans, I just don’t want to be involved in it.” Where as in others of my photos, you will be able to see where I got up close and personal with certain characters based on how much they trusted me. The images I am choosing for my exhibition will be on the following post above this one.