Exhibition Layout

by alexmasonphotography

Here is the layout I was originally going to choose for my exhibition. As you can see on the left hand side is the road that I would walk up each day to go and see the gypsies. Below that are photos I took of their photos and below that, there are four photos in a square that the girl who I gave the disposable camera to, took. In the bottom photo of the layout I decided to move the old man to the end of the piece because I like the way it looks as if he is looking along the photographs at his memories from life. I put the photo directly next to him because it is his Mother and Father and he mentioned a few times how he never got to meet his Dad so I assumed that it had a fairly big impact on his life growing up. I am going to be putting quotes next to a few of the images of things I remember people saying like “Feel free to photograph my caravans, I just don’t really want to be involved in it” and “The kids get bullied at school about of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”.Some of the photos are bigger because I feel that they are the characters that had more of an impact on me in terms of how much they trusted me therefore were able to open up to me to let me photograph them this close up.