The Finals of the Start – Complete Set (File Problem Over)

by alexmasonphotography

The final set of images for the Assignment including four images taken by a 13 year old girl on a disposable camera. She didn’t take quite as many as I would have hoped but even so I think one of the photos has an indication of how they choose to represent themselves which is what i was hoping for.


I think for the small amount of time I had to take photos of the gypsies I did a pretty good job. If these are the results I got with less than a week, it gives me an encouraging feeling towards continuing this body of work. I think  a lot of this kind of work is about having a certain way with people which, if I don’t say so myself, is something that I have been gifted with. I am not great at a lot of things and am by no means confident! I suppose I got a bit of a buzz of the adrenaline of what might happen each time I went in to the camp. Rejection, having some gypsies saying that I have no chance of getting photos of people. It was something that I had to persevere with and it paid off.  When I got told some of these negative comments on the first day, it did put me down a bit and I walked back down the drive to get on my bike. By the third day I was in one of their homes drinking tea and laughing at their childhood stories. It was as if, once a couple of family members had shown that they trust me, they all started to take an interest in what I was doing, I almost wanted to hold up my cup of tea and show every other person on the camp as a message to say ‘you can trust me’ others in your family do. I still got the same anxiety provoking feelings as soon as I had left the home. They would say something like ‘Yeah just go through those gates and ask them if you can take a photo, i am sure they won’t mind’. Quite often they did but back to the point, persevering is something that I have learnt throughout this fantastic experience. The majority of people are photographers these days because most people have a camera but not everybody has something to say, I feel like I have represented gypsies in a more positive way. There isn’t rubbish in my photos or people fighting they are taken on what I suppose is a more bias view to the gypsies.