Pinhole Photography

by alexmasonphotography

Last week I was introduced to pinhole photography. I started by making a pinhole camera out of a Tango can which didn’t work very well from the start so I decided to scrap the idea and make a pinhole camera out of cardboard that can fit larger sized paper in. After working out my f stop by measuring the focal length from the whole on one side of the box to where the paper on the other side of the box is I then measured the diameter of the pinhole which I came to 0.5 of a millimetre. By dividing the diameter of the whole with the focal length, I was able to work out my f number which is f 414. which is a massive number. By using light meter, I worked out that to expose my paper for the correct amount of time to create the desired negative I would have to leave it for 22 minutes outside  (this was in fairly overcast weather). To get a good exposure in the room I was in with ambient light it would have taken about 10 hours.

Whilst paying special attention as to what I was actually pointing my home made camera at I decided to focus on textures and shapes and try and bring tones alive and bring the viewer of the subject into a perspective from how I see things with my eyes and things that I notice that other people may not pay much attention to.

Below are a few of the pinhole images I took with 22 minute exposures outside paying special attention to tones, shapes and textures. I have scanned them in and inverted the images on Photoshop. Other than that, they have been untouched.


As you can see I slightly under exposed the image of the bricks. I got the impression it needed a shorter exposure time because of how the light looked to the eye. I also think I may need to be more careful at where in the subject I choose to take the light meter reading from.