Task 1 – Human Presence

by alexmasonphotography

Consider a place which, when populated by certain individuals or groups of people, is transformed momentarily.

The location that I have photographed transforms every day of the working week where people might come out to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee on a break from teaching or being taught. It used to be the fire exit for an old cinema and now is used for people to dispose of rubbish. It is transformed by the people who smoke out there or pass through there and by the cleaners when they take the rubbish from the building out to this area and when the bin men come to collect the rubbish. I decided to photograph the personality of the place by photographing objects that stood out to me when I first walked out and then the other objects I photographed were other things that caught my eye whilst sitting through the 22 minutes exposures. These are the kind of  unsophisticated and truthful things that I pick up on and I am sure other humans would in my situation.

Whilst experimenting with pinhole photography. It bagan to seem more and more apparent as to what place was and I focussed my pinhole camera towards shapes, lines and textures to create an aesthetic feel.