Under Represented Groups in the Media (PPD)

by alexmasonphotography

I decided to focus on the under representation of addicts in the media and how often people have the wrong ideas of who and what an addict is. Often peoples idea of what an addict looks like would be your kind of rock and roll looking character or somebody with tattoos all over them and a shaven head.

I decided to focus on the topic of addicts as I come from a family with lots of addicts. I decided to  photograph my brother Sam who is a recovering addict and photograph him in what he normally wears and then dress him up in an array of different outfits to portray other people who are capable of also being addicts for example a business man and a sportsman. I emphasise through my images that anyone can be an addict.

These photos could easily be mistaken as a fashion shoot. I decided to shoot these images in this way and process them in this way so people have to actually read into what I am talking about to understand that I haven’t just taken photos for the sake of it.

Below are some results.

More to come.