Task 1 & 2 – Pinhole Task

by alexmasonphotography

After having been set task 2 for the Easter holidays I realised that the pinhole photos I took at a location for for task 1 weren’t really going to be of any use for the task 2, as I had to use the same location for both two tasks. However, I was happy to have created some well exposed images with a clear response to pre visualising the composition without a viewfinder on my hand made pinhole camera.

The location I decided to change to for the tasks at home was the treehouse that my little brother built with his friends in our garden. I found this to be in interesting topic and the memories that I have of them playing in there for hours on end I slightly faint and and not to vivid.

I thought this was an interesting angle to tackle, focussing on how faint and how vivid some memories can be in comparison to others. I decided to make a digital pinhole to take the photos for this task. Surprisingly they are not as sharp as the photos that I made with my hand made pinhole camera. I think this is due to the short distance between the aperture and the sensor on my digital SLR. I made the hole as small as I could, which is smaller than the hole on my hand made camera.

Whilst exploring the personality of the treehouse and the small area encompassing it I noticed the little things that told me a lot about the place and a lot about what it was like to be a kid, for example a trap door which is what I think every kid wanted when they were younger and documenting with my camera how everything would seem so big. I picked up on things like that small part of us as a child that wants to be grown up so photographed the dust pan and brush which is tied to the tree.

To be continued…