Blue Velvet – Film Review and Reflection

by alexmasonphotography



Blue Velvet, well lets just say for a start, it is a film like no other I have ever seen. It verges on being a horror film in the way that the music and picture work together to create dramatic effects that leave you on the edge of your seat and will then let you relax by going to a scene of a sunny day in the reality of life to whomever the character may be, which in this case is the character Jeffrey Beaumont a man who returns home to find a severed human ear in his neighbourhood. Jeffreys curiosity gets the better of him and he and a police detectives daughter (Sandy Williams) to start to try and seek out and crack down on who the potential ‘murderer’ may be. Sandy overhears her Father talking about the case, as her room is directly above his office and shows Jeffrey where the lady lives.

Jeffrey makes plans with Sandy to find a way of sneaking into the house by pretending that he is a pest control man. Dorothy is a pretty lady and has red lipstick and a red dress which signify the cold blooded murder that we may associate her with. He finds a key and takes it. It turns out that Dorothy Vallens (the suspected murderer) is singing at the bar that Sandy and Jeffrey decide to go to and she sings beautifully the song Blue Velvet. The key that he found the day before he uses to break in to Dorothys house, there is a lot of tension at this point as he scurries into a cupboard to hide from Dorothy as he ends up missing the four car beeps warning that he had organised with Sandy because of him flushing the loo after enjoying his Heineken from the bar they had been at.

Jeffrey witnesses Dorothy get undressed in the dimly lit room of hers. He sees dorothy grab a kitchen knife whilst peaking through the slates of the wooden cupboard and he fears the worst. He makes up that he just wanted to see her and she makes him get his clothes off and caresses his body before a sudden knock on the door and a man called Frank comes on who brutally rapes her. This scene is extremely unsettling and painful to watch. Frank does this disturbing thing with what can only be described as an oxygen mask, to get himself more ‘in the mood’. He swears at her and says “don’t fucking look at me” and proceeds to hit her.

Throughout the film Jeffrey and Sandy seem to get closer in terms of love and care as well as Jeffrey getting closer in the same way with Dorothy Vallens and Jeffrey ends up getting into all sorts of trouble with Frank.