Childhood and Changes

by alexmasonphotography

So, carrying on with the idea of childhood and memory from the treehouse location in my garden back home. The portraits I am going to take are going to be inspired by the changes that naturally occur, due to growing up from that young imagination that we all used to base our activities on. I am hoping the portraits will portray some kind of emotion behind them after having spoken to the subjects to let them feel at ease and for them to express themselves naturally.

The idea of a treehouse for me, was a location that I could feel happy and content in and I always dreamed of having a treehouse like Dennis The Menace. I want to make a connection with that short time in my life that I had that magical fantasy and that growing up isn’t all that fun.

I have decided to photograph students in dens that I will ask them to make out of whatever there is at their homes, so bed sheets, chairs to support the sheets etc. Sometimes I feel that people (including myself) don’t spend enough time having fun and connecting with that fun child that lives within us. We take life to seriously and I think people need to remember to just have fun.

Images coming soon!