Film Review – Love For Life

by alexmasonphotography

This film starts off with the narration of a young boy explaining what the film is about. He is talking about how the disease of aids has slowly krept into his village and that people were dropping like flies. The scene after this is one in which the boy that was narrating is not standing there for the viewer to witness. However, he isn’t on screen for long before he collapses and dies due to his disease. After the boy is dead he carries on narrating the film in a heavenly voice like manner. The main theme throughout the film is love and aids and how it devastating it can be to a village and it has opened my mind up a bit to thing, this does actually go on in real life.

The boys uncle bonds with another aids afflicted lady called Qinqin and we see them bond over having this terrible disease in common with each other. They explain how their partners won’t touch them and shortly after, the boys uncle declares his love for Qinqin in saying “we should be together”.

Throughout the film, the boys voice comes in again to narrate what we see. This helps remind us of the boy who is telling the story as if over looking from heaven.

Qinqin and the boys uncle end up making love and talk about living life to the full and not dwell on the inevitable. There is a certain amount of conflict throughout the film, with people not approving of Qinqins decision to marry, including Qinqins angry husband who arrives and beats her for cheating on him. There is also a good amount of humour including a lady chasing a pig for stealing her rice.

The couple prepare themselves for death by putting a noose around each of their necks and then decide to not go forth with the suicide because they remember that every day counts. The couple walk around the village giving out wedding candy to the locals, still trying to make the most of each second.

You see pure dedication to love when the boys uncle is over heating and dying as Qinqin gets into a bucket of water to cool down and lies on top of him several times. The film ends with the narrating boy saying “I am here with the uncle and the other villagers”. I found this to be a powerful and uplifting ending to hear that the boy has been reunited with his uncle. It gives me the message that you are not alone when you die.