Film Review – The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

by alexmasonphotography

Personally I thought the film was okay apart from that fact I think it was dragged out a bit too much and there was a lot of unnecessary fighting and over dramatic action. I understand how it appeals to some but personally, it isn’t my thing. I also think I would have preferred it dubbed in English as opposed to reading the subtitles but that isn’t necessarily a reflection on the film itself.
The narrative of this film explores a character called Qui Jin and her strong persevering attitude to revolutionising the democratic circumstances against the Qing Dynasty. Flashback scenes of her childhood and strict upbringing are displayed to enhance the narrative and personality of Qin Jin for example, a flashback scene that stood out to me was one in which Qin is having Having her feet wrapped up to promote a certain growth in her feet which would be typical for women to have. However Qin refuses to go forth with this tradition and decides to go against all traditions for women and learn the strict discipline of martial arts. With learning this she then decides to try to reform China.

Throughout the film we see Qin go through trouble with men not accepting her dominant and out of the usual behaviour for a lady, in standing up for herself and the well-being of others.