Summer Task – Placing Photographic Practice in Context (250MC)

by alexmasonphotography

So after completing by first year and having received some flattering feedback I now have a solid platform to take me through the rest of this process of this degree. I have come to realise that to a certain degree, there is no such thing as a good and a bad photo. We all see the world differently and that is the most important thing I have learnt throughout first year from listening to other people, looking at photos that other people like that wouldn’t necessarily stand out to me and by hearing peoples opinions on my own photos. Everybody will choose different photos that speak to them more than others and being able to put this aside is a refreshing thought in order to focus more on narrative and not worry about what somebody else might think of a certain image I have taken. Every photo I take, I take for a reason even if I don’t think I have. Sometimes I have found that the subliminal meaning behind a photo I haven’t thought too much about can be just as strong and sometimes stronger than a photo in which I have taken a lot of time to compose and think about. The topics from the year that I am going to look into in more depth and investigate are, my project on Gypsies and my project ‘Lets Make a Den’.

Below is a sample from each of the two projects I mentioned