Fine Weed over Fine Wines

by alexmasonphotography

This connoisseur of cannabis is the possessor of £1300 of weed at any one time with the equivalent weight of up to 14 ounces. He has been passionate for rolling for 5 years and has been smoking for 4 years. He compares his passion for weed as a somebodies passion for fine wines. He is involved in blogs, youtube videos and has a group of friends he has found through the subculture of the internet who he smokes with over webcam to be able to enjoy it with other enthusiasts. I personally don’t smoke any weed or do any drugs. I used to mess about a fair amount a while back and it was fun for the short term but gave me horrendous anxiety in the long term. Whether it was the drugs that made me feel this way or my paranoia trying to make me think that I had something wrong with me and that I was doing a bad thing, it just didn’t seem worth it in the end. Seeing the state my brother was in and watching him go through rehab also led me feel that it was a bad thing. I don’t really miss it at all now and feel good about myself for not doing it. Anyway, onto the subject in matter.

Here is the current list in the format and font sizes it was sent to me, including the amount of time that some of the weed has has to cure in his jars (in the same way that the flavour of a fine wine gets better once it has matured, apparently)

21g super silver haze

7g G13 Haze

5g Burmese Kush

14g Psychosis (8wk cure)

14g Grandaddy Purp x exodus cheese (6wk cure)

3g blue cheese (12wk cure)

7g bubblegum x white rhino

4g super silver haze/amnesia haze

7gAMG (Amnesia x Mango x G13)

Full melt 73micron bubble hash (70-80% THC):

1g Og Kush

1g caramelicious x white widow

1g pineapple chunk

Wax/Budder (95-99%THC):

1g blueberry haze

1g chemdog

1g chemdog, blueberry haze, purple urkle, cheese, green wreck

Taffy (90-99%THC):

1g purple urkle x green wreck

1g bluberry haze / cheese

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Below is some more information I gathered whilst spending time the man.

I asked him, “How many different ways do you smoke weed?”

“Well I have a certain amount of international reputation for my rolling so I’d say that would be the main one. Joints in themselves can be very different depending on what you want from it. As an example, even just the roach, I’ve got about 25 regular types of roach that I choose from when rolling. There’s a lot of thought gone into the practice as a whole. The overall aesthetic of a joint, the way it smokes, the texture of the smoke, the taste, sensation and aroma. I’m a bit of a fag about it really. 

I have a portable vaporiser that I use for concentrates (the same stuff that needs the blowtorch and bong) and sometimes with normal buds. I sometimes use a glass pipe that was blown for me by a guy in the USA. Before getting my most recent bong (that cost £220) I used to do knifes as well. I have a triple percolated bubbler with percolated ash catcher attachment as well (that won’t mean much to you so I will show you a video in a bit. I’d say 95% of my smoking is joints, although since being able to get hold of concentrates and that my new dabbing rig (thats what the new piece of glass is called) that will likely shift a little. The two methods (when done well I.e a proper roll, a well made piece of glass, well cultivated plants, good extraction technique (for the concentrates) I would advocate as the best ways of being able to appreciate the true characteristics of one happens to be smoking”