National Portrait Gallery ‘Road to 2012’ – A Photographic Exhibition

by alexmasonphotography

National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012 project celebrates those who are collectively making the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games happen.

The National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012 project is capturing the journey towards the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and, working with internationally renowned photographers, is creating a lasting record of the people who are contributing to these exciting events. From world-class athletes and those working behind the scenes, to people living and working in the host boroughs for the 2012 Games, the project celebrates stories of inspirational achievement.”

I really enjoyed this exhibition. It was great to be able to see

© Anderson & Low/National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012

The vacant expression on the swimmers face gives me an impression of the stress and pressure that the athletes have to go through in order to be an olympian. The lady looks tired and it reminds me that not everyone who gets into the olympic games will gain a medal and it is an achievement in itself to be representing your country in the games alone. This picture gives me a feeling of claustrophobia and reminds me of the smell of chlorine and noise you hear as you snatch for your breath in a tight race.

© Anderson & Low/National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012

I picked this one out because of the composition of it. The two sections of tiered diving boards, the tiered blue lines, the tiered  people. You have two people significant for the organisation and sport standing closest to the lens and the athletes slightly further back as if to say ‘This would not be happening without these vital people’.

© Anderson & Low/National Portrait Gallery/BT Road to 2012

This picture made me laugh because of the size difference between the cox of the boat, the rowers of the boat and the slightly camp poses of some of the men. When I started talking to my friend about this a man started to join in with us and it turned out that he was the cox (the man in the middle of the photo with his arms folded). He was laughing about his friends seductive pose.