The Future

by alexmasonphotography

After having done my project ‘Encountering Gypsies’ and  ‘Fine Weed over Fine Wine’ I have an excited and ambitious feeling of carrying on with them both or maybe one over the other. I will have to wait and see how it pans out. I also have a plans to do and be part of projects including the terminally ill and a young man who has been getting challenges to do with space by Sir Richard Branson.

Below is a photo from each of the two projects I have already started. The project on gypsies taught me to persevere. After not getting the results I wanted when trying to photograph them, I realised it was all about gaining their trust and building a relationship with as many people I could in the time that I was there. I would bring back images that I had taken the previous day to give to them and they would offer me money for these photos each time and I would refuse it… It wasn’t why I was there.

The photos I have done for the Fine Weed project were enjoyable to take. I like to take photos of things that I care about. I could relate to how the subject may have been feeling and I care about the subject of weed for personal reasons so I found it easy to apply myself to and really get stuck in.

From the series Encountering Gypsies

From the series Fine Weed Over Fine Wine