Planning For Core Practice Brief – 250 MC

by alexmasonphotography

“Building on previous experience and concerns, your task is to make a piece of work, which integrates your personal interests with an assigned site in Coventry”

“To help clarify your personal response, you are encouraged to research your site fully before you start taking photographs, using local social and cultural history, myths and/or the landscaped geography as starting points.”

For this assignment I am planning on sticking to my passion of documentary style photography. Out of the fifteen maps we were given to pick our site, I have chosen map 15. I have seen an opportunity to carry on exploring different social cultures within my own country and carry on with a loosely connected theme of my gypsy project. I am going to go to the canal and do my best to document what I see and try and get a closer insight to what it is like for people who live on canal boats or on the canal in general. I went on a canal boat for a few days as a holiday when I was a child and loved the idea of this alternative way of life. A bit like how I loved the idea of roma gypsies who would travel around and have as many different locations for the home as possible. I like the romantic element to these subjects for instance with the roma gypsies, I love the idea of the horse drawn and the hand painted wagons. I want to find out from the sitters in my photographs what it is like for them and ideally, portray some of these emotions and feelings within my images.

The first thing that came up online in the start to research was a morbid one. There was a murder on the canal. This gave me a cold feeling of uncertainty.