Day 1 of Canal Based Practice Project

by alexmasonphotography

Studying people that live an alternative way of life to most of us.

I turned up to the canal basin yesterday for the first time, (marked on the top right of my map) to try and get some inspiration for my project. I walked up and down some of the canal for a while in hope of seeing some people on boats but all I saw was evidence of troubled people, whether it was some beer cans impaled on the top of the canal path fence, or the vast amounts of graffiti implying a creative délinquant expressing himself in an illegal manner. I quickly got that sinking feeling in my stomach that I got during the first few days with the gypsies. The feeling of having my hopes set on something and thinking I have made the wrong decision. Then I remembered how I learnt to persevere with the gypsies and kept my head up and walked back to the canal basin.

When I arrived at the canal basin I sat there for a bit and looked at a few of the boats that were there and took a few photos so I could go home and say that I had at least got some photos of the boats from the outside. I noticed there was a lady taking photos on a compact camera of one of the boats and I asked her if one of the boats was hers and one of them was. To cut a long story short, I ended up being shown around two boats by two lovely couples. One couple invited me on for tea and I quickly felt at ease with them. The husband of the couple was talking to me about his carrier in the 15 year carrier in the RAF as a photographer. I later exchanged contact details with them and was offered a ride on one of their boats for Thursday. I am waiting to hear back from them about it now. So, fingers crossed I get a message.

Some details

Below is a contact sheet to give you an idea of some of the images I took using a Canon 5D II yesterday