My Project in 200 Words

by alexmasonphotography

I have chosen to to do a documentary project on the map with the Canal Basin on it in Coventry. I want to carry on learning and teaching myself the ways of a documentary photographer and closely link this project with the ongoing project of mine ‘Encountering Gypsies’. I like the idea of taking myself out of my comfort zone by approaching my subjects and engrossing myself within their community.

There is a limit of 48 hours that any one boat can stay in the Canal Basin for, therefore I had the challenge of getting to know my subjects in a very short period of time. The subjects willingness to cooperate with my project was as important as the other challenges that occurred.

Quite often my fellow colleagues and friends will tell me how lucky I am with getting photographic success with my sitters but what they don’t see is the bigger picture of the amount of unsuccessful encounters I experience for example I would go three times a day for a week and on some of the days there wouldn’t be any boats there or nobody would be on their boats to speak to.