Fresh @CU Experience

by alexmasonphotography

I took up some work with ‘Fresh @CU’ (an independent company within Coventry University) photographing the media department’s graduation in the studio.

The job is to photograph the graduation for the media department. Myself and a few fellow students are working within a team to make the event run smoothly which requires preparation and planning consisting of anything from working out what sized envelopes we need to post the prints out in to creating a steady work flow with the images being transferred to a monitor for the clients to buy to somebody at the end adding it all up to work out how much the customers owe us. I am playing the part of the photographer for small family portraits, which will require me to be the chirpy chap to help organize people and help them feel at ease to get a natural looking image.

2012-11-29 16.40.25

I think I worked well as a team player and having worked within teams before whether it be on the rugby pitch or working at a coffee shop it has all helped in order to bring what I can offer to the overall team dynamic whatever the job. I also did more than the bare minimum and turned up to every meeting I could and got stuck in with the less glamourous monotony of organising and putting the photos in the envelopes to send to the customers.

Working in the studio is something that I very rarely do so I suppose I was a little bit out of my comfort zone when shooting, if something went wrong with the lights I am not sure if I would have known exactly what to do. So I think spending some more time in the studio could be beneficial to me if I happen to get offered a commission which requires the studio.

I think my people skills were a useful part to my role as the photographer, as well as being friendly and approchable  I was able to make more sales than perhaps the customer had intended when they walked through the door by offering them a portrait of just their son or daughter on their own and then suggesting that they might want a photo with just the mother and daughter and then the whole family together. More often than not, the customers would have more than 1 photo.