Professional Experience

by alexmasonphotography

Professional Experience


My first idea for work experience was to aim to assist/work along side somebody from a similar department to what I want to go into which is documentary and photojournalism.


I set my sites high and contacted Marcus Bleasdale’s agent, Nick Papadopoulos at VII Photo (an agency that specializes in conflict photography from around the world).  I explained to him my eagerness to work with Marcus and Nick emailed me back explaining that he is pretty sure Marcus prefers to work alone but forwarded him the email anyway.

I was later, pleased to receive an email from Marcus Bleasdale confirming his preference to work alone (which is understandable considering the type of job it is) and advising me to apply for an internship alongside his VII Photo agency.

I then took the steps to apply by exchanging a few emails with some of the agents and filling out a tailored CV for the intern experience and a brief cover letter. I was told they would be in touch and I still haven’t heard anything yet after having diplomatically nudged them to find out what is going on.


I decided time was running out and took up some work with ‘Fresh @CU’ (an independent company within Coventry University) photographing the media department’s graduation in the studio.

Myself and a few fellow students worked within a team to make the event run smoothly which required preparation and planning consisting of working out what sized envelopes we needed to post the prints out in to creating a steady work flow with the images being transferred to a monitor for the clients to buy to somebody at the end adding it all up to work out how much the customers owe us. I played the part of the photographer for small family portraits, which required me to be the chirpy chap to help organize people and help them feel at ease to get a natural looking image.


So back to the drawing board. I need to regain my focus of what I really want to do and I decided that I want part of my professional experience to be myself, living life as a professional photographer. My brother who is an aspiring musician is in need of getting some more exposure, so I have been working on some music videos for him including a live acoustic set which I have filmed and is in the process of editing at the moment.

I have also been doing some work for a friend who has launched weather balloons into space and created paintings in space, find out more here I collaborated with him by meeting him in London and photographing some behind the scenes photographs of him being filmed for a promotional video for a new submersible project for him to pitch to Sir Richard Branson. It involves sending cameras down in the trenches in the ocean to find out more about what is down there. I also photographed the painting that Josh created in space so that he can sell copies of it to his loyal fan club.


I have been lucky enough to get some work experience with a photographer from the same agency as Marcus Bleasdale. Her name is Anastasia Taylor-Lind and I love her work, which is what made me want to work with her. I had to email her to explain why I wanted to work with her, why I would be good for the job and slightly massage her ego at the same time.

The first couple of days I have done for her were very interesting. I wanted to see what it was like to work in that type of industry on a day to day basis. I made some calls for her and spent the rest of the time researching weddings marriages in the refugee camps around Syria for her next project. I plan on doing more work for Anastasia and more work being a professional photographer.