A weekend with Emily – #Picbod Photograph your Tribe

by alexmasonphotography

I photograph Emily a lot anyway so she is fairly used to it. I chose to photograph very ‘Emily’ type looks to give people who have never met her, an idea of some of the expressions I get to see when it is just myself and her together.

I often spend my weekends with my girlfriend Emily and we talk and laugh and watch programmes together, go to the pub, cook (the usual stuff that most of us do on a day to day basis).

We try and share anything from our excitements, worries, anxieties and stresses but sometimes there are times when I just can’t understand or find out what is angering or upsetting her. I will ask questions and she will go quiet and will be in her ‘own head’ a lot. I feel frustrated making the effort to find out what is wrong. She finds it hard to talk about her problems sometimes and so do I. I always have done but we both try and encourage each other to talk as openly about our feelings as possible.

I wanted to give an idea of narrative of the weekend finishing with Emily being sad that I am leaving and saying goodbye to me at the station (a regular thing).

Myself asd Em Em Tribe Emily Tribe E Desk Em Window Candles Emily Nails Em Sad Embrace TearsGoodbye Em