Main Assignment for #Picbod 2013

by alexmasonphotography

So for Picbod I want to do something similar to my other projects in terms of documentary and portraiture but more focussed on the body. I brain stormed for a while about what I could do and remembered I knew a couple of cage fighters who are brothers, Louis King and Tommy King.

I was planning on documenting them and anything from their fight nights to sparring to the strenuous exercise their bodies go through. Their bodies are on the line, quite literally. However this project has had to be postponed to a later date.

I have know shifted my focus onto body builders, body builders that compete. I had a meeting with a man yesterday named Ollie Beard who has been in the body building world for some years. Here is some information about him from his LinkedIn profile which gives you an idea of how his body plays such a massive part in his life and pretty much always has done.

I am the founder of Muscleinc gym, Haslemere, Surrey. I am presently a director of Uniqphysique where I train a number of strength athletes and fighters as well as regular gym members. I have 18 years of bodybuilding achievements and many years of various martial arts experience.

bodybuilding and weightlifting titles include –
1991 bawla junior weightlifting champion
1993 anb jnr south britain champion
1993 anb junior mr britain champion
1993 efbb junior s.o.t champion
1994 nabba south east champion
1994 nabba britain finalist
1996 open central england champion
2000 nabba south east class 1 3rd
2003 efbb finalist
2006 ukbff south h/w 2nd
2006 ukbff british championships finalist

Im at present a professional mixed martial arts fighter with a record of 1-1-0.

 Martial arts I have practised –
lau gar
brazilian jui jutsu
mui thai boxing
shotokan karate
wado ryu karate

Kickboxing and bjj are my base for fighting

Ollie has been working at a gym for a while now and he says that he finds it harder to motivate himself whilst working there. When asking Ollie if he knew any body builders that are competing he said, “Well I’m competing later in the year, I’m very out of shape ATM , you’ll see a lot of progress throughout the year”. At this point I felt excited because it sounded like Ollie himself was keen to take part.

To see Ollie fighting for his MMA debut last year check out this video and skim along to 6:52

Here are a couple of videos to give you all an idea of what Ollie used to get up to and the shape that he wants to be in for the competitions.