Physical and Digital Artifacts

by alexmasonphotography

So for my physical artifacts I am printing a selection of images to have in a staggered sequence on the wall in the exhibition space. Other than expense, the reason I am not framing these is because this project is open ended and hopefully people will be able to realise this within my image set. I will be using some manly looking tacks to pin my images to the wall. For instance the last photo of the set is of one of Ollie’s photo albums but the sleeves are all empty which suggest a future. The text accompanying this idea of a future which will be seen along side my images reads…


(Apologies for the dodgy screenshot and thanks to tutor Matt Johnston for paying for us to get these printed)

For my digital artifact I have chosen to make a Photofilm. I want my subject to tell his story to the audience so I have done my best not to make noises to suggest I am agreeing with him I just developed a technique to let him know I was listening and engaged by nodding at everything he said and raising my eyebrows and moving my eyes around.

Here is a little preview of my photo film (a very little preview, it’s actually just a screenshot of the production). Anyway, you will see the film soon. I’m excited.