Michelle Sank joins #Picbod

by alexmasonphotography

We were lucky enough to get a talk from social documentary photographer Michelle Sank. It was refreshing to hear how her past has effected her sensitivity as a photographer and it made me reflect upon my own photographs and how I represent myself through my images. I have been told that I am good at creating intimate images and I suppose this says something about my sensitivity as a photographer. I really enjoyed Michelle’s work especially this series and it was great to hear about the work in greater detail than one can view on the web.

When I come to realise a photographer that I admire I realise it is because I envy the work they have done which is why, within my work I try to do things that haven’t been photographed before, or haven’t been done in the same way that I am going to do it.


These portraits have been undertaken at a rehabilitation centre for adolescent boys who have offended and/or been in prison. Started in 2000 and operating from a large grange in the countryside, it is the only centre of its kind in Britain. Male offenders are offered the opportunity to go on a Life Change course. Through a specially designed residential programme of personal development with specialised staff, the right environment is created to facilitate bonding, confidence and behaviour change. The success rate has been remarkably impressive.