Videography Experience

by alexmasonphotography

Caffeine Fuelled Balloon (Original Song) – Sam Mason

I started this music video in October 2012, trying to film appropriate footage in appropriate locations to create a narrative. I have travelled a lot to many different locations and would take photos, much like a film location scout would so I could pitch them to my brother before committing to a place. Occasionally I would end up shooting 30 seconds worth of video and end up getting rid of it because it just didn’t fit or the meaning came across too literall. I learnt that working with people can be difficult in the sense that we would both be busy when the other person was free and with a long project like this it important not to loose energy for it. If I could have changed things it would be to have more motion shots with smooth transition footage. I would need certain bits of equipment that I don’t own myself but could probably borrow from the media loan shop if I prepared and planned enough in advance, which again is difficult because I would need to know whether Sam (in the video) would be free for when I book the equipment.


No Diggidy (Cover) – Alfy Garnett

This one was probably the most challenging out of these three videos. This video is for a paying client and I really wanted to make sure the client was happy with what he got but it ended up being more of a case of the client wanting to be happy with what he got as well. I started to see it as more of a collaboration then just me doing the job. We tried 4 different days shooting in several different locations including a bench by a pond, a sculpture studio and a basement. It took a lot of takes for Alfy to get the audio correct and he was extremely apologetic about this. Once we had finally recorded an audio track that he was pleased with we would go onto Final Cut Pro and have a listen with the footage I had filmed and for the first 3 days of shooting, Alfy just wasn’t happy with how he sounded after listening again. It was starting to get to the point where we had done so many takes in so many locations that we weren’t going to be able to get a final product but we persevered and finally produced the video below together. Working for myself has been tricky especially with working out pricing, I think if I was to do this kind of thing in the future I would have more of a strict price plan written up because apart from the 4 different days we shot on, there is also the time it takes me to edit to produce the final product and even the little things like importing everything onto my computer and organising my digital work flow. It all takes time and should all be accounted for. It is important not to undersell yourself.


Stars That Swing (Original Song) – Sam Mason

I decided that, in order to grab the viewers attention it would be a good idea to do something a little bit different and something a little quirky so I decided to use this minimalist visual approach to almost make the viewer feel a little uncomfortable. I am really pleased with this video and it has been shared on various sites including a modelling site. I have tried to share my videos on as many different social networking sites as possible in order to boost traffic and views to the videos (it is pretty tricky when there are hundreds of thousands of videos out there). Doing these videos has given me an insight to what it is like to work as a music video producer and I think it is something I would definitely consider doing for a long term career so I am pleased I have tried it. I haver also taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro and have edited several films before these three here. I have noticed that my editing has become a lot more efficient and my eye is becoming increasingly stronger in noticing what looks good and what looks bad.