202 MC – Discourses of Planned Cities

by alexmasonphotography

The first time I read the brief it made me feel a little bit apprehensive. It looked really complicated. We were given this quote at the top of the brief which I didn’t exactly find to be the most enlightening bit of information. 

“Discourses are “systems of thought or sets of knowledge that produce how we think about and understand the word. [Objects, concepts, subjects and strategies form a system of thought that determines] what could be said, who could speak, the positions from which they could speak, the viewpoints that could be presented and the interests, stakes and institutional domains that were represented” (Motion and Leitch 2007: 263-4)”

I first resorted to googling ‘planned cities uk’ and went onto wikipedia to discover a list of planned cities within the uk. I came to the conclusion that a planned city is a city that hasnt just grown over time organically it is a city that somebody or a group of people has decided ‘right, lets build a city here. Below is the list of cities I found. 


England [edit]

Due to the fact that all of these places are a long way from me I started to think of places near me that have been planned. One place in particular stood out to me that is near by that I think has been planned and built for the army to live in whilst they train. The place is called Bordon


Historically, the town was an important army base with a railway station, as is nearby Aldershot. The camp was first laid out in 1899 by the Highland Light Infantry, directed by Royal Engineers, and following interruption by the Second Boer War, was occupied by the army from 1903. The first occupants of Quebec barracks were the Somersetshire Light Infantry, returning from South Africa in April, and the 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment arrived at St. Lucia Barracks from South Africa in June.[1]

My plan at the moment us to focus on the army barracks and the way they have shaped the land and possibly the people associated with the army baracks.