Bordon – Creative Thought Process

by alexmasonphotography

When trying to tackle this brief creatively I struggled at first, I think I was too worried about making sure my location fitted the brief criteria. I then settled into my chosen town and started to believe in it and I wanted to focus on the history that is being left behind due to Bordon’s planned eco town. The history I am talking about is the army and how they have been living there for such a long time. I wanted to look at the juxtaposition of how people have been sculpted into a military environment, how children are being brought up in this community and how the brutality of what happens at war can sometimes be pushed to one side, in the same way that the current town of Bordon will be pushed to one side in order to build the new planned eco town.


I am looking at the housing that is amongst some of the barracks. If you follow this link you will be able to see some details of the housing in the area CLICK HERE.

I am looking at producing a photo film