Simon Roberts – Authorial Identity in Photography

by alexmasonphotography

A really interesting talk and easy to listen to/understand, from my understanding, you can collaborate with other people and still be the author of your vision and concept.

If you haven’t listened to this talk, listen to it now. It is the most honest, simple and genuinely inspirational photography talk I have ever listened to.

Become the author of your work. Quite often the editor of the distributing company ie. The Times will have control of final decisions.

Photography is not objective, the way you decide to take the photo is a subjective decision

It is important to find a niche that suits you so that people can say “That’s a Don Mcullin photo” etc. The way you frame the shot, what lens you use, what angle you use, who or what you tend to always keep in the photo…

There are some inspirational open minded techniques that Simon uses to research his project, looking back at old family photo albums and historic art for example. Asking the general public to submit things to a webpage of what England means to them and so that he has a resource to refer to when deciding what to document. He is reaching out to the audience before he has even taken the photos. He received about 450 ideas. He was building buyers for the book. It became a narrative of how he got his research.