#Phonar – Creative Task : “Spoken narrative”

by alexmasonphotography

You should speak your story in person and it’s telling should last approx. 2 minutes (if you prefer to record and publish in advance, that’s fine, otherwise it’s delivered live in session and stays within the closed group).

You should especially consider your choice of story/subject, your audience and your verbal delivery – in terms of your script, language, pace and intonation. No accompanying soundscape.

I chose this subject matter because I felt it would be a good opportunity to get a release and concentrate on something that changed my life.

Here is the rough script

My alarm bell rang. I reached over to my bedside table stop it ringing, I went downstairs to have a shower and saw my mum in the corridor. After the shower I got my school uniform on and as I was about to fasten my tie my mum asked me to come into her room “alex darling, I’m afraid I have some terrible news”, she had said this in the past when pets had died or there has been a natural disaster somewhere in the world but this time, my wide eyes looked deep into hers that were filling up with tears and I knew exactly what had happened. “Your dad died last night” she said. I had almost predicted those exact words. As she said it I remember just breaking down, crumbling to my  knees, tears were falling, I had never cried like this before, I felt weak, cold, my head was pounding and every good and bad memory I had ever had of my dad went through my head in the space of a few seconds. I couldn’t stop thinking of how i would never see Him again. I remembered him perched on the bonnet of his car with the newspaper and his blue polo shirt, shorts and his brown boat shoes and how pleased he looked to see my brother and I and how he was never late. I repeated this scene in my head of my brother and I greeting him and hugging him at the same time. I felt angry at him for dying, he wasn’t supposed to, he was meant to be there for me. He was found dead on his living room floor. In a way it was a relief, because deep down, I knew it was going to happen at some point soon. The last time i saw him, we lay down in the sun in the garden and I fell asleep in his arms. I wonder if he knew he was going to die in the next few days, that, I will never know. He had been a chronic alcoholic for a most of my childhood. I like to  reminisce on the few safer, sober times we shared. I think it is important to remember the fear, sadness and pain because without that I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

To get some inspiration on telling stories I listened to peoples pitches from last years #phonar class.

I found this youtube video about the power of an anecdote inspirational. It puts everything in perspective with story telling. It doesnt have to be a Dan Brown story for it to be a good one