Forest Free Run Film – Update and Inspiration from Aaron Guy

by alexmasonphotography

I have decided that we are going to create a trailer for the film that will last about 1 minute long. We have a piece of music being written that is being tailored specifically for the feel we want to project within our film. The narration throughout the trailer will be concise, captivating and humbling with the aim to make the audience want to see more, therefore stick with us throughout the production. I have made a Facebook page that has all the latest insights and behind the scenes stills that you can find here Forest Free Run – Facebook.



The photos above are from some location scouting we did. We weren’t actually intending to get any footage that day but thought it would be rude not to. Below is more of the kind of thing that will be on our Facebook page. The trailer we make will be pitched towards arts funding organisations such as Kickstarter.



We were shown a short film called Working, Void by a man called Aaron Guy in our lecture on Wednesday that really stood out to me because of it’s simplicity and the way it engaged me. I will be using this as a kind of reminder of things that work well within story telling. It is amazing how Aaron Guy’s subjects come to life. There portraits that look like they are a still image and then you realise that it is actually video as opposed to stills. The narration in this works really well and this is exactly the kind of thing I want in my film. Truthful words but somewhat poetic at the same time.It really helps to set the scene. The split screen is effective in the sense that the viewer isn’t dictated at how he or she should watch it. There are choices that Aaron has made so that the viewer has choices. I think this works well during some of it but at other times it can be a bit overwhelming and too busy for my personal taste, however I appreciate the thought process behind this. The sound scape accompanying the images/video is extremely powerful, it makes me feel as if I have been there. I suppose they are sounds that I can relate to, like the reversing of a lorry.

Seeing this story come to life with so many different scenes to look at it quite special and inspirational even though throughout the film I have cottoned on to the idea that these images are moving, I still look at them and try and figure out where the movement is taking place.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.29.18


I love the ABA format of this film, you get to see the story from the early start in the morning to the late finish at night. It really gave me a sense of the intensity that the workers go through. The nostalgic birds tweeting as the sun rises and I can almost smell that cold morning air.